Prayer Network

Our Triune God is the source of all blessing and grace – to Him be the thanks and the glory.

Prayer is a powerful thing and part of the Christian way. St. James Prayer Network is comprised of those parishioners who feel called to the ministry of intercessory prayer. If you feel called to pray in this way, please contact the coordinator by email. If you are in need of prayers, send your request to:

Coordinator – Jacquie Jeanotte

To all who participate in this ministry as prayer warriors, and as requestors of intercessory prayer, be assured this is not a gossip line! The prayer requests and intentions are distributed electronically in a BCC format completely respecting the privacy of those have made the request (i.e. as much or as little information as you wish included in the intention).

Prayer requests are usually formatted something along the lines of:

Prayers requested for: Jane D., (i.e. who the prayer intention is for (name or initials), with details of the intention as requested in the email to the coordinator). (JJ – i.e. the name or initials of the person requesting the prayer are placed here, again as is requested.)

Your intention will remain part of our prayers until you tell us otherwise. Please do let us know of blessings & graces received, and any requests for prayers of thanksgiving to God, so that we can update the intentions list accordingly.

God bless you.

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