Catholic Women’s League

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Upcoming Events
March 25 – Passion Sunday – Holy Week
April 19 – General Meeting
April 22 – Spring Bake Sale
Apr 26-28 – Diocesan Convention
May 6 – First Communion
May 17 – General Meeting
May 19 – Diocesan Retreat -Cache Creek, “You can become a Saint”
May 30 – Confirmation
June 20 – Provincial Convention – Whitehorse

The CWL is offering several bursaries to graduating students. There is the Molly Boucher Provincial Bursary, BC & Yukon Life Members Art and Culture Bursary, the Vancouver Diocesan Council Bursary and the St. James CWL Bursary. The deadline to apply for any of these bursaries is March 31, 2018.
Please check the Vancouver Diocesan CWL website (link below) for details and application forms. For the St. James CWL Bursary please use this application form (or pick up a form at the office).

All parish ladies are invited to join our CWL council. The CWL sponsors hospitality after the 9:00am & 11:00am Masses as well as at other events; please link here for more information
If you would like to help out with hospitality (serving or baking) please leave a message at the parish office. See also the CWL Membership Brochure.

To contact the parish CWL please leave a message for our secretary, Sheila Hall at the parish office.

For more information on the Catholic Women’s League mandate both nationally & locally:

The Catholic Women’s League National website.

BC & Yukon Provincial Council.

Vancouver Diocesan Council.