Catholic Women’s League

Upcoming events:

Nov 18 @ 1000am – General Meeting

Dec 7 – Christmas Dinner

Dec 10 – Christmas Bake Sale

Latest CWL Newsletter

All parish ladies are invited to join our CWL council. The CWL sponsors hospitality after the 9:00am & 11:00am Masses as well as at other events; please link here for more hospitality information. If you would like to help out with hospitality (serving or baking) please leave a message at the parish office. See also the CWL Membership Brochure.

To contact the parish CWL please leave a message for our secretary, Sheila Hall at the parish office.

For more information on the Catholic Women’s League mandate both nationally & locally:

The Catholic Women’s League National website.

BC & Yukon Provincial Council.

Vancouver Diocesan Council.